Retirement Plan Optimizer

For most people, one of their most significant assets is their 401k Plan or Thrift Savings Plan. Unfortunately, most people fail to actively manage this vital account, often setting the allocation at initial enrollment and not looking at it again until it is time to retire. 

We have been working with one of our most accomplished Fund Managers to develop a web-based tool to help you manage your Thrift Saving/401k Plan. The TSP/401k Optimizer® allocates your investments based on your specific risk tolerance and long-term retirement goals. In addition, this service provides quarterly emails with recommendations on how to invest wisely in your plan AND sends alerts when you should be aware of a change in the market! This tool will not make the changes for you, but it will recommend which funds you should consider and how much you should place in each. 

If you are interested in the TSP/401k Optimizer® to help you manage your retirement savings plan, give it a try below and use code WOWTSP if you have a TSP code WOW401k if you have a 401k!

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